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About Me

Who am I?

That is one of life’s biggest questions, to which I am still only beginning to get a glimmer of an answer. I know fragments, snippets, tiny pieces of what makes me who I am, but the big picture is still incomplete.

My late Grampy is attributed as saying, “The moment you stop looking, you’re dead.”

Taken in isolation and out of context, this can – and has meant – many different things to me. What this means to me here and now is an agreement on my main outlook on life.

Question everything. Assume nothing.

There are some questions about me to which the answers are straightforward. My interests.

My hobbies and interests are three-fold:

Computers and the Internet
A necessary evil that I cant live without, my PC is the center of my leisure time. Games console, newspaper, Hi-Fi, DVD player and TV, my PC is my malfunctioning multipurpose multimedia entertainment center and refuge from the outside world.

Rugby, football, cricket, tennis, snooker, athletics, F1, golf – you name it I watch or follow it. Sport is my biggest link with ‘society’, the acceptable interest that I have in common with more other people than anything else. You can strike up a conversation with a stranger in a pub about football as easy as ordering your next pint, but dropping Bit-torrent lawsuits into any conversation is about as much of a conversation killer as wearing a fur coat walking through an animals rights protest march.

Trance Music
“Music is my life, and my life is music.” A cliche it may be, but doesn’t stop it being true. To the untrained ear, trance is boring and repetitive. To those who listen to and love the electronic genius’ of the 21st century, trance is musical fulfillment, audio pleasure that no other genre comes close to matching.

If you think understanding my interests enables you to understand me, the person, then I can only reiterate: Assume nothing.

There are many layers to this onion. My interests are the glossy coating on my outer shell, my exterior which covers many deep and complicated intertwined things.

Now my fellow traveller, you have a choice. You take the blue e-pill – this story ends, you leave my blog without a backward glance and continue your journey. Or, you can take the red e-pill – you stay in my wonderland, and I show you how deep this rabbit-hole goes…

Blue PillRed Pill

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