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Glad to be Alive

September 19, 2006

Laws of YahwehAre you glad to be alive?

If you are are a resident of Nyandarua village in Kenya you are.


Because the world was supposed to end on 12th September.

In this life, there are some things you can be certain you can’t rely on: politicians, the train timetable, English penalty takers and predictions about the end of the world.

The duped villagers might feel a bit daft now, but it’s far better to be daft than dead.

Putting your plans for the day in the hands of the House of Yahweh might now look a bit foolish, but no more than planning a journey around when you’ll catch a train or putting money on England winning a penalty shootout.

Hopefully they will learn from this, and move on, but like England football supporters, there will always be some poor gullible fools who will believe anything.

~ TranceFixed

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