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To Infinity and Beyond…

September 12, 2006

5kToday, this blog hit 5,000 page views. That’s roughly 4,000 in the last 40 days which is phenomenal for an embryonic blog such as this.

This surge of interest has left me highly curious about my readers. I already know the following:

  • Over 60% of visitors are from the UK
  • 70% of visitors view this blog with Internet Explorer (try Firefox – much better browsing experience all round)
  • BlueYonder ISP users visit this site more than any other
  • Most visitors enter via search engines
  • Someone from the BBC visits this site every few days to check my posts about the BBC1 and BBC2 Autumn listings

But what I don’t know is:

  • How you found this blog? (considering it’s only advertising is via technorati tags)
  • What you think of this blog?
  • What posts you particularly like?
  • Will you be coming back?

Stats and statistics can only tell you so much – what I want to know is the human element. What I want is what no software package or bar chart can tell me – opinions.

Everyone has them, so lets share them. I have broad shoulders, I welcome criticism as much as praise, because you can learn from both.

I have decided to add a new links section to this blog for readers of this blog.

If you wish to have a link to your blog in this new blogroll, just leave a comment about your impressions of this blog, specific posts or topics that have potential for further discussion or aspects that could be improved. A link to your blog or site will be added at my discretion, and all I ask is that you periodically visit and comment.

In return, I will visit your blog / site, and you have another all important link to your site.

Everyone’s a winner.

I look forward to your feedback.

~ TranceFixed

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  1. September 13, 2006 5:20 am

    Of course I’ll be coming back đŸ™‚ but I couldn’t remember how I got on here, perhaps someone introduced it to me. Anyway good work!

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