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Man ‘Marries’ Goat

September 12, 2006

GoatJust to prove that fact is stranger than fiction.

In Sudan, a man was caught having sex with a goat by the goat’s owner, Mr Alifi. Rather than take him to the police, Mr Alifi decided to tie up the intruder he caught literally with his pants down, and take him to the local council of elders to pass judgement.

In their wisdom, the council decided that since Mr Tombe was treating the animal as he would his wife, he was obligated to marry the animal and pay Mr Alifi a dowry of 15,000 Sudanese dinars ($50).

So presumably everyone was happy. Mr Alifi got paid appropriately, and Mr Tombe got his goat.

Just your typical boy-meets-goat love story really.

~ TranceFixed

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