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Spam-tastic Baby

September 11, 2006

SpamI just checked my spam filter for the first time in a while (29th Aug), and discovered this blog is attracting more spam than my 5 year old hotmail account which has been around a fair bit. If site registrations and subscriptions are the e-equivalent to sleeping around, then my hotmail account is a bit of a slut.

120 Spam Messages

Anyway, I had 120 messages of goodwill from Mr Viagra-Online, Mrs Live-Swingers-Uncut and little Miss Free-Ringtones-24/7. Always nice to get feedback from your regular readers.

I know that askimet has had a few problems lately, but I still find it surprising that this humble blog should get so much attention from spamtastic timewasters at The largest amount of traffic I’ve ever received was 450 hits on 27/08/06 when everyone was still Thatcher-Mendes crazy, although it page views in the low 30s in more common. SiteMeter informs me that my average visits per day is 66 which is no great shakes in the grand scheme of things.

So why have the valium sellers and porn advertisers targeted this blog?

The same reason searching for “Thatcher Mendes Video” on Google, “2006 fifa wold cup games free” on, “Polaxed” on or for “holiday parks in western supermare” on AOL brings visitors to this blog. Because search engines rank this blog highly for certain searches, this blog will continue to receive hits from obscure sources, and whatever search engines prioritise, so do the spammers.

The ‘if it’s good enough for Google, it’s good enough for me’ philosophy.

Whilst I’m flattered they think this blog is worth the effort, I’m thankful askimet does such as good job, because I doubt I would have the same enthusiasm for maintaining this blog if I had to manually delete 100+ comments every fortnight.

WordPress + Askimet + Growing Blog – Spam Problem = Happy Blogger

~ TranceFixed

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