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Hits, Headaches and Halloween

September 3, 2006

I’ve had to let this blog slip in the last few days due to life throwing a few more hurdles in my direction.


My biggest concern has been my 300GB primary hard drive, who’s file-system woke up the other morning with a hangover even I would have been proud of in my student days, and decided it didn’t want to play anymore. I felt like I was an ambassador in the White House: trying to make sense of the mess everywhere, but surrounded by corrupt information.

However, it wasn’t as bad as I first feared, and I have since managed to recover 95% of the data, although it will probably be Christmas before I’m getting close to discovering everything I’ve lost.

I really should practice what I preach a bit more, and remember the first rule of data management: If you can’t afford to lose it, back it up. That’s easier said that done when you don’t have another 300GB to be able to back it up onto, but I’ve been making similar excuses for years now.


This weekend is the product launch of Phase 1 Halloween in our store, so we’re all getting in the ‘spirit’ of things. The staff are acting like they have a axe stuck in their heads (can be arranged), management are acting like they’ve seen a ghost and are running around in circles like headless chickens, and I feel like I’ve had all the blood and life sucked out of me.

My manager is still on holiday (nice for some) leaving me to pick up the pumpkin pieces and launch the season of the damned. Too damned early for anyone to consider buying anything, but not damned quick enough to please the wicked witch of the west.

If adding cobwebs to the till-point to match the dust on my respect and levels of appreciation wasn’t depressing enough, I can hold on to the knowledge that Christmas Phase 1 is in 2 weeks.

Merry fecking Christmas everybody.

Trick or Treat


On a brighter note, a big thanks to all those video hungry visitors this blog has had recently. It was only a month ago this blog reached it’s first 1000 views, and it’s now had over 4000, which I think is an incredible increase. 1047 of you loved that edition of Match of the Day enough to back back for a repeat viewing and gave me my first post to make the Top 10 Posts of the Day on the wordpress homepage, and briefly pushed this blog to No. 4 on the fastest Growing Blogs list.

Hopefully, normal service will be resumed later on this week when I’ve (mostly) put my house in order.

~ TranceFixed

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