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Picture of the Day 07

August 28, 2006

Ben Thatcher

For those of you with short memories, Ben Thatcher hadn’t exactly got an unblemished record before Wednesday. There was a not too unreasnable consensus of opinion, that his temper was the main reason he was not capped by England. In 2004 he suddenly remembered his Welsh Granny with enough fondness to be able to get his international kicks playing for Wales before joining this list of players who have a grudge against John Toshack.

Anyway, I digress, when playing for Wimbledon against Sunderland in 99/00 he polaxed Nicky Summerbee, a photo of which is shown above. He also had an incident with flying elbows against Allan Nielsen in 1998, and more recently, in a pre-season friendly in China, he gave an oponent a puctured lung.

I hope his ‘record’ is taken into considoration when the FA charge him, becauae it’s about time his beahviour got properly punished. It sends out the wrong message to kids watching if a player can consistently get away with ‘tackles’ like that.

Like it or not, Premiership footballers are role models to many thousands of kids, and it’s about time they started acting like it.

~ TranceFixed

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