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Babies, Breasts and Hypocrites

August 21, 2006

Baby Talk Magazine Cover

Do YOU find this image offensive?

If you do, you’re not alone – 25% of the 4000 BabyTalk magazine readers polled don’t approve of the cover either.

Personally, I have to agree with Roger Sinasohn:

” I’m sorry, but if you pick up a magazine about babies, you gotta be ready to see a little boob now and then. As for Mrs. Ash’s son, I guess he’ll just have to figure out what breasts are for from magazines like playboy and hustler instead of BabyTalk. I sincerely hope that Jared grows up seeing a woman’s breast as a source of nourishment for babies, not as ‘a sexual thing.’ But maybe that’s just me. “

You can’t escape nudity in the media, but there’s a time and a place for everything. Partial nudity for educational purposes should be more than acceptable, it should be encouraged.

What school PSE lesson is complete without a painfully bad 1980’s video with closeups of a guy in the shower, narrated by in RP, describing the male genitalia?

It may be hideously embarrassing for all the teenagers watching, but it leaves a lasting impression, and is an invaluable teaching aid.

Similarly, educational magazines and publications for babies and childcare are an invaluable source of information for young mothers who may not always have access to that information from friends or family. Raising a child can be lonely and overwhelming, so anything which assists parenting should be praised and left free from OTT censorship.

At a time when half the newspapers have breasts displayed somewhere on the first three pages, and magazines such as ZOO and Nuts sit on middle shelves next to your TV guides and woman’s weeklys, surely picking on BabyTalk for the simple reason there’s a baby covering our view of the nipple (scandalous) is hypocritical and yet another example of political correctness gone mad.

~ TranceFixed

For more information, views and discussion on this subject, visit Jana’s Tribute to Breasts (& the Women Who Bare Them)

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  1. August 22, 2006 12:39 pm

    I agree with you, babies nursing at a mother’s breast is completely natural and not offensive at all.

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