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Cancer Research UK 10k Run

August 12, 2006

Cancer Research UK 10kCancer. It touches many lives and ends too many others.

I’m sure you know someone who’s had a cancer of some description, and if you live in the UK, I’m sure you know someone who’s benefited from Cancer Research UK.

Cancer Research UK is the UK’s leading cancer charity, with a dedicated team of 3,000 scientists and an annual scientific spend of around £213 million. Its funds are raised almost entirely through voluntary donations.

To continue it’s amazing work, the charity need people like you and me to do what we can, to enable them to do all they can for cancer sufferers.

This is why my friend Vicky will be participating in a sponsored 10km run in October, to raise money for the charity. You almost certainly don’t know her, but you do know the cause. Please sponsor her, or give a donation to help in the on-going fight against cancer.

Thank you.

~ TranceFixed

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