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“I would have rather been knocked down than hear that,”

July 21, 2006

Zidane Devil.. said Zidane, although we still don’t know for definite what that is yet. Autobiography in time for Christmas anyone?

” I don’t even know what an Islamic terrorist is,” Materrazi claims, doing his bit to promote the ‘Footballer’s Educational Outreach Programme: Helping those more fortunate than ourselves help themselves.’

The world champions have relegated and fined themselves, but still the media and FIFA believe that Zidane is much more interesting, and refuse to accept that he has left football for good. Denial, to the point that he has been given a pitiful fine and banned for 3 games…

Let me repeat that. Banned for 3 games.

Do they not read their own headlines? Banned from what?

‘Sorry Zizou, next 3 times you fancy a kick-a-bout in the park, you’re not allowed. You’re grounded.’

What next? Getting sent to his room to ‘think about about what he’s done wrong and not come down again till he’s properly sorry?’ Stop his pocket money for a fortnight?

Speaking of pocket money, what good is fining a multi-millionaire £3,260? He probably gets that in daily interest on his savings account.

Cue Gallic shrug, and Zidane smirks his was back to one of his mansions dotted around the Med.

Regardless of whatever token ‘punishement’ FIFA decided to dish out, it was never going to bother Zidane because the most important thing for him is that he is still loved across France – anything else is just a minor irritation, and a £3k fine is a very minor one at that.

Also as a result of the hearing, Materrazi was fined £2,173 and banned for 2 games.

Is this the first case where a player has been punished without having broken any laws of the game? Since when has insulting another player been a punishable offence? The only thing Materrazi seems to have done wrong is being dumb enough to admit provoking Zidane.

Naturally the Italians are complaining like crazy about this.

You’ve just won the Wold Cup for pete’s sake, you shouldn’t be whingeing about FIFA’s latest fad. We’d quite happily swap winning the World Cup in exchange for Owen’s leg never recovering, Beckham retiring and Rooney getting a lifetime ban. Any offers?

The games Materrazi will miss through suspension will be Italy’s next 2 qualifiers against Lithuania and, ironically, France. That should be a game worth watching.

~ TranceFixed

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