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Debt + Digger = Destruction

July 4, 2006

Destroyed House

” A man went on the rampage in a mechanical digger yesterday, destroying a house and three cars, one of them a police vehicle.

Neighbours watched as the driver, in his fifties, rammed the digger into the four-bedroom house while a woman was apparently still inside.

A policewoman called to the home at Eastland Meadows holiday park in Bradwell on Sea, Essex, was unable to stop the destruction. The digger smashed into her police car. A Chrysler Crossfire and Chrysler 300C belonging to the owners were also wrecked.

Janice Gledhill, who lives at the property with her partner, James Harvard, said that she had been in bed when the digger arrived soon after 7am. She claimed that she and Mr Harvard, who own the holiday home park, were owed £1,000 in rent by the driver, who she said had bought a caravan from them last year.

Ms Gledhill, 52, said: “I saw who it was, I didn’t go to the door and I immediately rang the police. He told the police he’d come for his money but we don’t really know what he means because he owes us money. He destroyed the police car and then our own cars and then started on the house. The police told me to get out. James was already on the camp site. They couldn’t do anything to stop him. I couldn’t reason with him. We are just devastated.

There’s got to be about £500,000 worth of damage. ”,,2-2246745,00.html

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